I’m Yana Welinder.

CEO and Co-Founder of Kraftful. Building the future of how people interact with their physical world.

Product leader by day.

Artist by night.

Always a fan of big ideas.

When I’m not building products…

I hang out with my creative little digital native and his dad, paint and photograph the world as I see it, and co-lead the Women in Product chapter in San Francisco.


Before starting Kraftful

I headed up the product team at IFTTT, helping people to unlock magical experiences by connecting their different products. In previous roles, I worked on disrupting manufacturing with digital production at Carbon and tackled free knowledge creation on Wikipedia. I also co-created CollabMark, an open source and free culture brand guide, which has been adopted by Wikipedia, OpenStreetMap, and Node.js.

Before that

I was an interdisciplinary tech law professor, thinking about how intuitive design can replace legalese to provide meaningful transparency to users of technology. I kept a foot in academia through affiliations with Stanford CIS and Berkman Center @ Harvard and published pieces in the New York Times, the Harvard Journal of Law & Tech, and a chapter in the Cambridge Handbook of Consumer Privacy.